3 Apr 2015

Gateway of India

Mumbai Paused Friday Release Week 07 
The Other Gateway 

The silly things
that are banned above
are legal here

All the books your throw
they find a shelf

There are no clocks
EMIs are banned

No doors, if you want to enter Antilla
or Arthur Road prison

Dada Saheb screens movies
every week
Dead poets and writers come often
The cops prefer meatballs
to vada

The kolis catch big fat surmai

Our merchants sends opium to China
and we have a trade surplus

Exiled and long dead painters come to paint without fear here

And did you know, there are 5 rats
for each of you up there?

Apologies. My partner in crime, illustrator Amol Urankar is busy this week so I had to take things in my own hands and do some thoo patti drawings using the mouse myself.

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