17 Aug 2015

Sion-Panvel Highway

The flagpole holder is still celebrating,  two days after Independence Day. The lady who cleans the street refused to touch the flowers with her broom. The rain was enough to keep the flowers fresh a little longer but not enough to wash it away or quicken the rot.

And it inspired a Suranga Date poem too. 

worshipped year round
with flowers,

a gentle dripping 
of holy water,
and folks
stopping short
of a complete
circumambulation ....

And some,
on just 2 days,
stuck on a pole,
sung to,
and flown,
perhaps with 
flowers cascading
on an unravelling
and pulling,
amidst a gently 
falling monsoon rain.

And you wonder,
where has all the bhakti gone ?

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