28 Oct 2015

Mankhurd-Ghatkopar Link Road

Null Bazaar नल बाज़ार.

There is a roadside beggar who sits near Punjabwadi bus stop. Whenever he sees a child walking by in the mornings, he shouts out to them: Why haven't you gone to school today?
The kids don't look back but they skip ahead faster. If he asks these kids the same question, they have an answer. They are out fetching water from a leaky tap, a tube well or from a unguarded tap in a society.

Meanwhile in Panjrapol (Deonarwala), women and kids are protesting about the long distance they have to trek to get water.

And at a 2 minute walk from the protest place is this tube well in a chawl has this private tubewell which is locked.

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