30 Nov 2015


Rhythm House.
A music store in 2015.

An angry old man walked past me muttering that they only have modern music. He was looking at a section of Hindi songs from the 80s and 90s. In another corner of the store a man was explaining the cumbersome process of selecting music downloading MP3 from a jukebox like contraption to a mobile phone. A little girl who had come withe her grandparents was more interested in the colourful pens on display than the music. I was looking for rock CDs and the only ones I could find were brand new LPs of new and classic rock (including the latest Iron Maiden album). But this place has an amazing collection of music CD. Classical (Western, Hindustani, Carnatic), jazz, blues, and music from across India and you  can go them before they plan to close down early next year.

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