1 Dec 2015


CIDCO Exhibition Centre, Vashi. 

These are images from an event that was held last Saturday called "Shivyog Shivir" run by an astute interpreter of urban middle-class maladies - a godman.

All of us have our tribes, we are all sheep at one time or the other flocking behind a shepherd who gives us a direction, some prefer godmen, many prefer books, we have all kinds of leaders, well run organisations, there are mobs to which we can belong, corporations & companies with systems, vision and mission, neighbourhood mitra mandals, music fans, bike gangs, teachers and the ones who don't belong to a flock or an inbetween two  are most likely in the search of beacon to lead them.

This Shivyog Shivir promised happiness and a way to solve worries and tension. There were people as far away as Ludhiana. buses from across Maharashtra and cars from all over Mumbai, Thane dist., Pune, Satara and Raigad. The accent for Punjabi. The greeting was "Om Namah Shivaya". Everyone was smiling and happy. Everyone looked like they belonged.

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