18 Jan 2016

Sector 15 + 26, Vashi

Sunday Chachas of Vashi.

Meet two sunday chachas who sells mutton for the most important family meal of the week: the Sunday lunch.

The Sunday lunch, served usually late, very heavy and always special, cooked by the mother and in a few homes, if the dad is a good cook for which they will be remembered long after they are no more. One of the important ingredients of this meal in many homes is the mutton. The price of mutton is always a few notches above what is affordable to most people which probably makes it even more of a luxury. It also means that the chicken, which is more affordable is probably the more popular Sunday lunch special.

In Navi Mumbai on Sundyas, there are a few chachas who can be found in the same spot every week and they cater to the special requests of their regular customers, counter the same weekly complaints about rising cost from the buyers. People are specific about what they want. The words used for different cuts of meat, musical: Adlaa (calves), agli dast (thighs), and seena (ribs) to name a few. The old people love to complain about the younger IT type crowd who pay without asking the price or asking for a discount (unchanged for many months now), regular customers are also given a little extra at the end of the purchase and the same thing repeats every Sunday morning.

I guess the same thing happens across India too I guess. From Bengal or Meghalaya to Punjab or Kerala. But do they have chachas like us?

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