23 Mar 2016


As we cough and throw phlegm around the city, life goes on as usual on the meadows of older parts of the Deonar dump-yard. The tabelas are buzzing as usual, seemingly without a care for the smoke in the air, on the clothes, in the sweat and in the eyes. The only person who had any sort of protection was this chacha who works at the tabela covering his nose in the Puneri scooter girls style as he works.

He was the only one who I saw wearing protection. Everyone else was sharing the same smoke unhindered. Sleepless nights over water seems to be the immediate concern and then everyone is waiting for holi.

Unlike Latur where there is a Sec 144 in place to avoid water riots, in Shivajinagar it's the usual water tap fights, verbal and push / pull are usual. The tap is interesting. It is a pipe extending from a running motor attached to an invisible sump. 

And under the smoke filled skies, I think I saw the sweetest Happy Holy sign in the world with a greeting card style message. Simple yet full of heart from the Ekta Mitra Mandal. In a world where those who build walls have a cult of personality, those who spread hate are called leaders, maybe these are the people who are the true friends of humanity . 

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