14 Jun 2016

Off Sion Panvel Highway

Work Space Mumbai : Harmoniumwallah

I stumbled upon a small workshop in a slum, or chawl like the residents there like to call it, today on my way to work. It is called Sadguru Musicals, a seven year old business run by a man named Govind Mandal.  Here are a few images from his workshop.

Govind Mandal at work.

Govind asked me about why I wanted photograph his workshop and I told him about my blog. When I spoke to him about my blog, he asked me if there was a way he could be found by people on the internet. He has not used the internet before.

So I quickly created a Facebook account for him and a page that lists his business. Hope that helps. If any of you want to buy a harmonium or help him build his business online, please feel free to contact Govind.  His telephone number is +91 95944 29039.

This is a typical Mumbai slum or chawl where people don't just live but also work. Whenever we read about slum rehabilitation in newspapers, it speaks only about space for people to live but not work. I wonder if the work spaces are also rehabilitated.

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