22 Jul 2016

Juhu Beach

Superbrands of Juhu beach. 
The definitive list of the Mumbai's top FMCG brands. 

Brand managers and CEOs are always wondering if their brands are as popular as they think they are. When the most popular brand survey in the city is published by a media company that also prints Bombay Times, they have to rely on new methods to check. Luckily for them, in the age of organic products and natural remedies, Mother Nature has invented a new and improved formula that has come to their rescue. It is more reliable that TRP. It has no Modification to suit election promises like our economic data. The data is Swaccher than inside of a garba griha of our holiest shrines and as pure as milk from desi gir cows.

Sample Size: A big thanks to the 18 million people of Mumbai have thrown in all the data to make sample size history. 


The top brands of Mumbai in no particular order are. 

Thumbs up to our most popular drink!

A 1 pic Commercial break to enjoy the scenery.   

Welcome Back.

And here is a typical, small, box-shaped shop in Mumbai.

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