27 Aug 2016

Tokershi Devraj Road

Interchawl water war in progress

Dahi Handi 2016

गोविंदा परत आला आहे.
Maybe it was because of the Supreme Court directive to reduce the height of the dahi handi, the usual politician or builder offering big prize money on big hoardings were missing this year. Did that reduce the loud crass commercialisation of Dahi Handi this year? I thought so from what little I saw in Parel, Sweri and Navi Mumbai. However, the noise was as bad this year too buy not in Navi Mumbai, which was silent because of the new commissioner, In parts, the festival was "festive" in an old fashioned way, especially for children, women and older people.

But it still remains the festival of young, sweaty men in sponsored T shirts who pit stop at wine shops as the sun goes down.

This year's No 1 song was: Zing Zing Zingatt from Sairaat.

20 ft?

Ah.. ok. 

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