20 Sep 2016

Jerbai Wadia Marg, Pednekar Road, St Xavier Street

Metastasis:Cancer in Mumbai

A few lodges around the Tata Memorial Hospital in Parel. Hotel rates in Mumbai are high compared to the rest of India and beyond the reach of most patients who come here from the East. Affordable rooms for patients in OPD and their relatives and familiar food is found all around the hospital.

Even Google Maps marks the place in Bengali/Bangla.

While there are several small Bengali eateries all around, you also get the standard Indian vegetarian restaurant. Here is one called New Arogya Bhavan or the House of Health (new).

Unlike the old days, there are fewer posters selling Ayurvedic and other alternative cures around the hospital. This poster for Ayurvedic Treatment promises treatment for side effects for Chemo Therapy.

The C/O address for the treatment of side effects is the caterer who runs the eatery in the background.

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