13 Oct 2016

Thakkar Bappa Colony

Linguistic Map of Mumbai: Chappal Streets of Thakker Bappa Colony 

Imagine a network of streets filled with over a 100 chappal shops and you cannot wear the ones you have on your feet into any of the shops. This is Thakker Bappa Colony for you.

Thakker Bappa colony was originally a Refugee Camp for Kutchi speaking people from Sindh who came to Mumbai after 1947. They belonged to a caste group that made chappals. Over the years, the demography has changed and now most of the people are of Rajasthani origin, however the main trade of this colony remains unchanged. It is still chappals and shoes.

The shops that sell chappals and raw materials line the main street, the gallis are filled with workshops and homes. This is the home of "taste-makers" of shoe style in Mumbai.

Gangeshwar Mahadev temple with the colours of North Western India

The streets are also filled with chappals and shoes waiting to be shipped to different parts of Mumbai and India and wholesale buyers.

The political leaning is BJP with Poonam Mahajan smiling brightly at everyone and there are a handful  of establishments that have the traditional saints that cobblers use to mark their establishment in Mumbai like St. Rohidas.

Even the trash here is chappal waste. But them nothing goes waste in Mumbai.

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