24 Nov 2016

Masjid + Vashi


Beautiful Krishna 
(Dark skinned models in a fair and lovely city) 

In a city where even the dark-skinned Krishna is now fair, fair- skinned models are a norm (and now increasingly pink skinned). Here are some images of models who have darker skins in public places/ads, etc. Some of them are about muscles or the implied sexual prowess of a cricketer like Chris Gayle but here they are to add beautiful Krishna to our urban colourful razzmatazz.

Imagine a player like Sachin Tendulkar endorsing a condom brand named Skore. 

The Indo-Unani product from Hyderabad has an African tribal mascot. 

An Aadhar card centre finds a stock photo with the right colour match for our shyama varna. 



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