18 Apr 2017

Oshiwara Bridge

Rivers of Mumbai Series: The tabelas on the banks of Oshiwara river. 

Just after the great flood on 2005, those of you happened to pass the drain between Jogeshwari and Goregaon would have seen tens of carcasses of buffaloes and a few cows rotting openly. Those buffaloes and cows were washed away and drowned by the flood from the tabelas that line the river known as Oshiwara river. Many of them continue to exist even though the place where they stand is slowly being converted to high rise residences and offices. Here are a few pictures of these tabelas on the river bank and the river.

The wine coloured water in the river at this stage is sprinkled with hay from the tabelas.

The Oshiwara River looks like a little stream (which it probably is at this section) where the Western Railway crosses it.

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