6 Jul 2017

Nityanand Road

Eating out in Mumbai.

Lala aka Javed, a friend I made on Instagram knows some of the most interesting places to eat around town. His uncle is a butcher and supplies mutton to a few of them in the Chembur area. It was Lala who suggested that I check out this hole in the wall place called Gopal (full name: Gopal Mutton and Chicken) behind Satu Sweets in Chembur Camp.

I went there with Rushikesh Kulkarni, a student of TISS, popular blogger and organisor of treks, walks and whatever catches his interest. We ordered Brain Pattice (sic) with Pav and Liver Fry.

The Brain Pattice was exceptionally good. Liver was good but paled in comparison to the Pattice.

Gopal is open from 6 in the evening.

They have a small sitting area opposite the hole in the wall kitchen where you can sit and eat. The stand and eat area can get crowded as the evening progresses.

Rushikesh spends as much time on the phone as me. Now I know what it feels like for people to eat out with me as I constantly fiddle with the camera or the camera on the phone.

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