20 Jul 2017

Saath Rasta Dhobi Ghat

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This was my first visit inside Dhobi Ghat. A place I have only seen from the bridge and I could see why it fascinates people. I was lucky to be there on the day on Ashada Jatra or Pochamma Panduga Bonalu as the Telugu speaking residents/workers of the Saath Raasta Dhobi Ghat (this the rear end on the eastern side) call the festival. 

Bonalu is a corruption of Bhojanam (meal) and could be translated as feast. There were goats (see video) that were waiting to be slaughtered. 

The men and a few women were all in their traditional and festive best for the occasion. The music was loud (listen to the Telugu song in the video)

They were getting ready to go to the Pochamma Temple in Kamathipura which has the community's most important shrine in Mumbai. 

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