21 May 2018


Hair Story.

In societies where women are oppressed, women are forced to scream in strange ways and freaky modulated frequencies.

There was a writer called Dr Abraham Kovoor, a mad but crazy Indian from Kerala who moved to Sri Lanka and went around the island ghost busting. He often freed women (he was from a family that had some prominent church people, so he should know) and people who had to create ghosts and other stories to deal with situations and get back at the troublemakers (not all stories were like that but many were, most were real estate issues).

The character PK created by R Hirani (according to the internet) is loosely based on what he (and PC Sorkar Jr, the famous magician) actually did to Sathya Sai Baba and other god-men like him.

I know of Dr Kovoor because he was popular in Bangalore in the last century because of the rational movement there led by H Narasimhiah and others. As a kid I have seen and vaguely remember some of the rationalists speak (you will still find Dr Abraham Kovoor's books in Church Street second hand book shops and in Amazon).

The hair and stressed tresses.

Coming to this picture of hair on the street, what connects this story to women in caged societies are those stories from across India where someone was chopping out long tresses of women and girls at home and on the streets.

Mumbai is slightly better (debatable) compared to the rest of the country and we as a city value freedom and women and the oppressed in other parts of the country are welcome to come here and live a free life.

We men in this country make women pull their hairs out, don’t we.

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