Talaash! Which part of Mumbai do you want to see?

Santa Cruz: Bollywood in Delhi politics.

Influencer Marketing 

Choose whom your endorse carefully. Don't endorse a brand that makes fun of your spouse is a good place to start. Even if the money is worth it.

The Ladies Finger pointed towards what was wrong with that ill-fated interview that brought Bollywood's priorities into question.

"If you have watched the televised interview of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by movie star Akshay Kumar you likely already have your favourite moments. If you asked me to pick one it would be the moment in which Modi decided to demonstrate that national artefact – Man Tells Wife Joke. In the matter of form Modi has displayed great exactness in performing this traditional art. Let us examine it closely..."

Read it here. 

Meanwhile, here are things that are safe to sell but won't pay as much. 


Idly, Vada, Sambaar.

Photo Books by Mumbai Paused

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