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Fail Proof Title For Residents of Grid Lock City
(Highway to peace and happiness)

If you need to sell anything, wrap it in a shiny, happy skin. If you share anything with people these days, remember that they are willing to accept only happy things.If you are unhappy, escape to happiness.

Wear a smile.
Shop until you find happiness.
Eat chocolates.
Drink coffee.
Drink coffee with a happy face,
heart or a message on it.

Listen to happy songs.
Sad songs are for late night radio
for those the unhappy people can't sleep.

Quickly send the unhappy stories to
the inner pages of your life.
They are already hidden
in the inner pages of newspapers.

All is well.
Tweet happiness.
All status messages on Facebook are happy.
Everyone on Facebook is happy.
Or you are not liked.

Smile in front of your boss.
Smile in front of your children.
You can smile in front of your parents
but they usually see through your smile.

Place a laughing Buddha
next to your flickering computer screens.
Only the happy get lucky.
Use J as punctuation J
Think happy thoughts.
Have table top waterfalls
to mimic gurgling laughter of happiness.
Change the vaastu of your rooms.
Wear rings with precious stones.
Change how people spell your name. 
Get a pet who loves you unconditionally.
Get the latest Ganesha posing in ways that make you smile.
Chant what the rest of the world chants without understanding what is chanted. It doesn't even matter.
Follow what the astrologer has predicted for you today.
Read the Sex Expert questions and answers in Mumbai Mirror.

When sadness stretches its hands outside your window at the traffic signal, a rupee or two should bring happiness for yourself.
Blame Nehru, Gandhi, Jinnah, Indira.
Never vote, rant.
Ranting and cursing cures unhappiness.
Pay your tax or the Government will steal your happiness.

Disappear into nostalgia, the old days are always good.
Writers who could make you happy are no longer happy because they are now jobless and unhappy.
Our city no longer makes movies that make you smile, because that's not enough, we now make movies that make people roar with laughter.
In the future laughter will be substitute for happiness.

All the things that make us happy don't keep us happy for too long these days, so we need multiple things to make us happy.

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