2 May 2011

Shivaji Park

Dr Vithal Prabhu. Sexologist and writer.

Dr Prabhu's Marathi book, Niraamay Kaanjeevan (Healthy Sex Life) is the largest selling book on the subject and the world would probably be a better place if more people read the book. Dr Prabhu is 82-years-old and started writing when he was past 50 after he was distressed after hearing a story about a newly wed woman. Read the story and more about Dr Prabhu in Tehelka: A Marathi Kinsey Report by Aastha.

The photograph I clicked appears in this week's Tehelka.

He also loves to play the flute. He used to act in plays and loves photography. He says that he would've loved to travel and click photographs but his wife does that more often now. She also made the leap to digital cameras unlike him.

However, the greatest joy about being in an expert's work domain is the opportunity to browse through their bookshelves and share it with the world. Here's Dr Prabhu's bookshelf filled with mostly medical books:

Dr Prabhu's best-selling Marathi book has been recently translated to Goan Konkani. It retails for a mere Rs.100 in Goa. Dr. Prabhu was wondering aloud about how the publisher will break even. But then, his Marathi book has been selling for 30 years! Profits will come, there are millions of ignorant people being added to the reading list every year.

Here are a couple of other books by the Goan publisher.

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Aroop Bose said...

Nice to see some good quality B&W photos for a change. I also like to see good B&W movies whenever I can.

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