7 Sep 2011

Andheri (W)

Learning to Listen.
Resul Pookuty talks to children in Brainwave magazine to open their minds to the wonders of sound.

Listen or read what Resul has to say here.

Brainwave magazine from Amar Chitra Katha is a science magazine for children that's very different from the usual talk-down, cheaply produced and copied magazines that populate bookshelves in India. This month, they have an entire issue dedicated to science. Check it out here.

Back to sounds.... Danny Boyle says it all in one line.

However, Resul does it best.

It is not an easy journey to make the loudest country in the world to listen. Maybe, the only way to make Indians listen is to stun them with some silence. Read Resul's story and you will see that it is not an easy journey for the people who make movies and work with sound.

Sounds of India.

This has to be Resul's best project - Capturing the sounds of Incredible India. Ever since I listened to Resul, I have been closing my eyes and listening to sounds wherever I go. It's a very colourful world indeed and the images that flicker in my minds are beyond compare.

You must try it too.

Sounds of the noisy republic.

The Oscar he won is safe in a bank locker somewhere in Mumbai.

Trivia: Aranmula is a small village in Central Travancore, in Kerala famous for polished metal mirrors and the annual boat race.

And finally, his bookshelf.

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