30 Apr 2012

Shivaji Park

Parallel Park at Shivaji Park: Dusty.
A few days back, in Mint Lounge. Supriya Nair wrote about football in Mumbai’s historic Shivaji Park, the crucible of the city’s cricket. Here are some extra images from the story.

The gardens, parks and maidans in our part of the world - Indian subcontinent and the Persian influenced world before the British took over were never like the European ones with their beautiful green temperate grass. Our parks and gardens are decorated with flowering and shade giving trees. The ground was always dusty.

Shivaji Park is no different. They have installed expensive sprinklers in parts of the park but except for patches, it's dusty and will make the makers and advertisers of Surf detergent and Liquid blue salivate.

Our parks and maidan would've been greener if we had more water.

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