6 Jun 2012

Amrut Nagar, Ghatokpar (W)

Ghatkopar Hills.

My friend, Stephen Mascarenhas who flies often into Mumbai called me up on one of his visits to Mumbai to ask me where that hill filled huts and resembled Brazil's Favela that greet you to Mumbai, as you fly in, is.
He lives in Mangalore and he was surprised and wanted to know what the place looked like from the ground. I've always wondered what that place is like and so off we went on one of his visits to see the place.

Meanwhile, things are churning in Amrut Nagar.
Change is slowly creeping up the hills that greet you to Mumbai. This is how our city will be rebuilt.


Stephen is a Konkani writer, he uses the pen-name Hemacharya and is one of the founders of a magazine called Daiji World. It's an only magazine as well as the only English language weekly published from my home state - Karnataka.


satish said...

Like always.. awesome shots

Sreetama Ray said...

beautiful shots, moving essay :)

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