2 Jun 2012

Bazaar Road,

Local Newspaper.  

Nothing reveals a place like the stories, ads, and obituary announcements in a local newspaper. Hope they survive, online or in our hands as paper. Check out the logo, apt one.

Some sane advice for Bandra's most commonly seen problem, road rage. The smart ones here, walk or cycle.

Here's the building where you will see the above sign. It's on Bazaar Road, where the wall art is global, the messages on the Shia mosques are about the protests in Bahrain some days back, a few shops are Goan, and even a few dilapidated Maharashtrian homes what haven't changed for like ever, hoping to survive, etc.


While Bandra Times calls itself the Community newspaper, how can you define the Bandra community? Aren't there are a zillion of communities here intersecting!

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