Talaash! Which part of Mumbai do you want to see?


Mumbai's Fying Bus by Sudarshan Shetty.
Sunaina Kumar finds out how Sudarshan learnt to fly in this week's Tehelka. Here are some extra shots.

BKC is a dead place. It even killed Anna's big revolution. It's glass, concrete and the stink of the big drain called Mithi that winds through and around it makes it the most boring place in Mumbai. I haven't been to Gurgaon but it's supposed to be like that, minus people. It's a place where India biggest companies do business in glass cages and it does not matter where the offices are located, except the rent.

However, there is one new speck of colour in this boring landscape.

It's a flying bus.

The people who built the glass tomb for MBAs called Maxity had the good sense to hire Sudarshan Shetty to place his Flying Bus. It looks like a great memorial to represent the average speed at which traffic moves on Mumbai streets, However, the brilliant steel wings and the bright red of the double decker must make a walk to the offices in the building an interesting experience.

The sad part is that it is inside a high security office block. So it is not open for public. But something is better than nothing and the tired faces who work in BKC need a little art to pep up their boring jobs.

It would be great is other builders with space would spare a little space for other such work of art across the city.

No driver and master (conductor). Only cleaners and security men.

Unlike art in public places like parks and streets, the new office blocks employ an army of housekeeping and security staff. That's a very good thing because the bus will be kept sparkling clean and bright for a longer time.

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