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 Post-Covid Fatigue

A blog is a place where we can store our memories. We forget almost everything we see and experience as time moves forward at varying speeds based on our perception. Some of it is embedded in our brains or guts or wherever our memories reside, to be recalled. But it's always best to record what one needs to remember. I use a blog.

When it comes to traumatic things like illnesses, whether it's your own or a loved one's, one tends to forget most of the details after some time. The trauma remains to haunt you periodically, but most often, they are hidden somewhere deep, hoping to be forgotten. 

The last quarter of 2020 is probably one such time for me. I was a Covidiot and removed my mask or missed using protection when I met people after a long time and with a couple of days, I was ill. It's been nearly two months. I am now Covid negative but the virus has left behind a gift to remember - fatigue and some respiratory irritants that have kept me away from the streets and photo blogging. 

I hope to be back in 2021. 

In Navi Mumbai, this is how a housing society or a house with a positive case/cases are marked

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